Education & Government

Government and educational institutions hold assets that may not be covered by typical insurance polices—assets that may be difficult to appraise. Our expert consultants will help you manage your private assets through detailed valuations, strategic systems, maintenance planning, and personalized management solutions. We also provide specialized training and consulting services to help you operate under specific government, educational, and environmental compliance standards.

With Optima as your partner, you can rest assured knowing your assets are properly valued, planned for, and protected. You can also be confident knowing you are in compliance with all the specific rules and regulations that impact your organization or institution. And by knowing and planning in these areas, you are in control

In addition to our blended services offerings, our niche specialists in transportation, environmental, safety, and building compliance will guide you in implementing the safest and most sustainable business practices that go beyond compliance without adding expense. As experienced consultants, we have the ability to focus on your facility, processes, assets, site, employees, and community integration to create a sustainable work environment.

“You have taught me so very, very much by participating in the Value Stream Mapping Event to improve our cash receipting process. Thank you for the three great days of learning and mentorship – I will never be the same!”

 - Operations Manager, AZA accredited zoo