CIC Gold vs Silver Membership Benefit

 Consortium ROI:    


 How does the Consortium deliver superior ROI for their members?

 Our members share their journeys and mentor other members along the path of continuous improvement.  How they started, the obstacles, the wins, the everyday increments of progress, the lessons learned.  

They visit with each other, help each other learn, provide peer-to-peer coaching, share and evaluate lean events, partner on customized education and training, and form a community for the journey.

They learn how to keep making progress, how to build a sustainable journey, how to build lean leadership and culture, how to transform their operation and deliver on business objectives.  Most of all, they learn how to deliver superior ROI on their Lean and Continuous Improvement Program.

The Consortium Experience By The Members:

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About the Consortium:


The Consortium connects Lean and CI practitioners in a local peer network facilitated by world class professionals.

Membership gives you access to an extensive network of peers, education and training, practices, tools, resources and experiences.

Each Consortia is a local group of 5-15 companies with a diverse set of industries, size, and progress in Lean and CI implementation.

Members learn from each other, help each other, share best practices, benchmark, train, and provide and receive mentorship.  They are supported by a skilled facilitator and a dedicated resource and sharing portal.

Membership also includes training, seminar, and workshop discounts.

 Five Great Reasons To Join:


1.  To Build and Sustain A Lean Learning Culture and Environment and Deliver Measurable ROI 

2.  Just or Maybe Starting-

You know that you want to start your lean journey but you don't know when, how, or even 'if' some days. You want to know where and how to start, real world, what has worked and what hasn't.  

Joining the Consortia connects you instantly with real world practitioners in your area who have gone through and are going through the same process. They can show you where they got the highest ROI, how they created sustainable new processes, or where they made mistakes and how they would do things the next time. Member benchmarking helps you understand where your current operation stands.

Working with your facilitator can help you understand the resources available from the members, and other resources in your area. Early support can include hands-on design and implementation of your Lean program.

Check out a meeting today. Contact us to receive a free invitation for the next Consortia meeting in your area.

3.  Not Enough Time-

There are a thousand and one projects already and there is not enough time to add even one more thing to your plate. How can you find the time to add another project to your 'To Do' list? 

Membership in the Consortia provides focus and clarity. You see what is working, what is delivering great ROI and what is not working. Through benchmarking other members and relooking at your facility with new eyes you being to better understand where you can get the most bang for the time and buck. You can share what you are working on and get instant feedback, support, and coaching. Real world examples that you can use to help prioritize your efforts.

The reasons why you don't have enough time are exactly why you join the Consortia. To get out of fire fighting, to become more strategic and focused. To gain the confidence that you have the right plan, that you are working on the right projects, and to help you course correct when necessary. To help you build and sustain a learning Lean Continuous Improvement organization. Check out a meeting today. Contact us to receive a free invitation for the next Consortia meeting in your area.

4.  Have a Corporate Program-

Many Consortia members have corporate Lean/CI programs to integrate with their local efforts. In a few cases multiple members of one company have joined the Consortia and the Consortia helps them better coordinate their corporate effort. In a true learning organization knowledge should flow both ways. Finding new ways to better run at the local site often become tomorrows corporate effort! 

Sharing and learning locally through the Consortia helps supplement the corporate program. It does not replace the corporate program. It may help you understand how to implement a corporate initiative more effectively, or provide you with a great case study to give to corporate to help start a new initiative. In a true learning organization there is room for both and they build off of each other.

We can help with the discussion with corporate. To help you understand the value that you can receive from the Consortia check out a meeting. Contact us to get a free invitation to attend the next Consortia meeting in your area.

5.  Very Good Already-

​You have been on the Lean journey for years and you know, and everybody else knows, that you are great practitioners. You've got black belts, green belts, kaizens by the dozens and the gemba walks are the management teams fitness program. You are so good that you don't even remember when you forgot that you can still learn from someone else.

Even for the experienced practitioner, the Consortia provides a safe learning environment, new surprises, and a chance to hone your mentor and coaching skills as well as to network. A place to help your new team members learn. Discounts on valuable training, workshops and seminars. 

Don't take our word for it, check out a local Consortia meeting. Contact us to receive a free invitation to the next meeting in your area.

  Upcoming Events and Member News:

Click HERE to see 2017 Consortium Events

Please contact Laurie Stoveken if your interested in attending any scheduled events at or by phone at 920-425-1005.


Member Spotlights-

Member Spotlight- Shopko Optical Lab. Dave McIlheran is the Director of Optical Manufacturing.We have just joined the Northeast Wisconsin #2 consortium and look forward to observing and sharing ideas with other manufacturers. Shopko Optical Lab the support center for all 140 Shopko Optical Centers as well as for the eyeglasses sales on the Shopko Optical website.  

Member Spotlight- Zero Zone is a leading manufacturer of innovative refrigeration systems and reach-in refrigerated display cases for retail food and industrial customers. We are members of the Southeastern Wisconsin consortium. The peer group has provided our organization with value added Lean philosophies, tools, and management strategies. We aspire to create a high-performing, knowledgeable team of employees by learning and sharing experiences with all consortia members. As customer requirements change, having the agility to respond is paramount. 

Member Spotlight- Steel King Industries. Glenn Thiede, VP of Manufacturing for Steel King industries, joined the Company in 2005. Very soon after, the Company started its lean journey in their three manufacturing facilities and in the office. Steel King is an active member of the Central WI Consortium and is a Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA), the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SMA), Protective Guarding Manufacturing Association (ProGMA) and the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA).

Member Spotlight- MarquipWardUnited. Angela Nesset is the L3 Team Leader and on the L3 journey for 10 years. MarquipWardUnited has embraced Lean not only as a collection of business tools and techniques designed to enhance productivity, but as an organization-wide leadership model that empowers our team members to achieve fulfilling and meaningful roles in the business.

Member Spotlight- Renewal by Andersen. Rick Wynveen, Plant Manager,a member of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence North Central Regional Board. Renewal by Andersen is an active member of the AME Twin Cities Consortium specializes in Door & Window industry .

Member Spotlight - UAS Labs. Michele Rickard, Vice President of Quality and Continuous Improvement, shares UAS Labs journey.  UAS Labs is a member of the Central Wisconsin AME Consortia and specializes in probiotics.

Member Spotlight - Caribou Coffee. Paul Turek, Vice President Supply Chain, talks about Caribou Coffee's journey.  Caribou Coffee is a  founding member of the Twin Cities AME Consortia, and is a specialty coffee and espresso retailer founded in 1992.

Member Spotlight - Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.  Norbert Majerus, Senior Master Black Belt, talks about Innovation, Lean and Continuous Improvement.  Goodyear is a member of the Cleveland Consortium..