We Live This

One thing that separates Optima from other consulting firms is our sincere dedication to your success. We truly care about the organizations we work with. We eat, sleep, live, and breathe your organization from your first day as our partner to the day we work ourselves out of a job.

Our manufacturing experts and lean enterprise specialists will help you identify bottlenecks, increase efficiencies, improve your day-to-day operations, and implement practices that will help your organization meet all your critical factors for success. Our team takes a strategic approach to ensure improvements are tied to value for your customer while creating an unfair competitive advantage in the market.

Our CIC Consortiums help you sustain performance overall the long term while creating an environment for continual learning and development.

"In trying to create real change in an organization, it is important to have a point of view and a guide that is not so close to the current state that you can't see the opportunities. Optima has very effectively helped us to see the opportunities and deliver on them.”

- Director of Operations, large flexible packaging company