Driving Excellence in Transportation

Transportation excellence represents the difference between success and failure in our present economic conditions. Our industry is continually being challenged to find more ways to cut corners in order to remain competitive and meet increasing customer expectations. This will only get more challenging as outside pressure is exerted on the industry. Excellence in all aspects of our business is critical to excel and remain profitable.

Optima Associates offers a unique blend of services which combines industry best practices and proven Lean optimization principles to identify and help our clients solve improvement opportunities. Lean Transportation targets eight forms of waste (non-value added activity) found in every business. By benchmarking and applying methodical processes in partnership with the incredible talent already within the transportation industry, incredible results have been seen. Cutting corners may not be the best solution. Using our Optima process will allow you to focus all of your energy where the greatest payback is located.

 Francis bacon, a 16th century scientific revolutionary, once said, “Things alter for the worse spontaneously, if they be not altered for the better designedly.” We help our clients optimize change for world-class performance.


“Whenever I need professional advice, related to the transportation regulations, all I need to do is make a call to Optima, and they have an answer for me.”

- SO SSC Transportation, national food retailer